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“3 doges, 1 token!”
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Cerberus is a token for the people, by the people, for the sole purpose of #DogeKiller.

Transaction Tax
The bigger the trade, the higher the tax
Whales & Bots
Discourage Manipulation
Means a SAFU hold
  • We support equality.
  • Fair pre-sale on PinkSale and a fair launch at the same price.
  • Holders will be encouraged to participate in the community and help steer us in the best direction possible. (DAO-minded).
100% Secure
  • Liquidity is auto-locked at launch through PinkSale, without any interaction from the developers!
  • The pool will keep increasing as volume grows since half of all transaction fees will go towards the pool.
  • LP locked for 2 years!
  • Bots and huge whales are discouraged.
  • Aggressive fee based on transaction size encourages small transactions (2% if <= 0.001% of circulating supply), and high fees for large transactions (20% if > 0.5% of circulating supply) discourages whale and bot movements alike.
  • Prevents whale dumps!
Tokenomics & Philosophy

Cerberus is a project aimed at providing a frictionless platform where things get done in the most effortless (and safe) manner. Everything is automatic and simple for any individual -- new to crypto or not -- to understand the token at a glance. Aside from reflection and DeFi mechanics, we aim to take Cerberus to the next level with additions such as HellNFT (Mint & Exchange), HellDashboard (Charts & Stats).

Every Cerberus holder automatically receives reflection through the smart contract on the BSC network; more specifically, they receive a portion of fees back everytime a transaction occurs on the smart contract. The fee on every transaction is progressive, it is based on the size of each transaction relative to the circulating supply. See: Whitepaper

  • Transaction fees are: 2% if <= 0.001%, 4% if <= 0.0025, 6% if <= 0.005%, 8% if <= 0.01%, 12% if <= 0.025%, 16% if <= 0.05%, 20% if <= 0.1%
  • Half of the fee is added to the PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool to ensure a steadily rising floor price and stability
  • Half of the fee is distributed to Cerberus token holders automatically
CERB on the roof
Token Distribution
Total Supply: 1 Trillion CERB
  • 40% PinkSale pre-sale. Offered to early investors and to the public at the base price of 1 BNB = 2B (Total: 400B) (1)
  • 36% PancakeSwap liquidity pool. Following the pre-sale finalization, the remaining amount will be immediately locked into the LP for a period of 2 years. Additionally, the price offered at launch here will be the same price as pre-sale.
  • 22% Burned
  • 1% Reserved for Airdrops.
  • 1% Developers (locked for 3+3 months).
Smart Contract development
Social Media accounts
Website launch
HellSwap - Official CERB Swap
PinkSale Pre-sale launch
PancakeSwap launch
Leftover tokens burned
Listed on CoinMarketCap
(★ High Priority)
Q4 - 2021
List on CoinGecko
List on TrustWallet/Delta/Blockfolio
First Exchange Listing
Branded Merchandise (Shopify)
Code Audit (TechRate)
Memes & Art Generation
Community Events
Airdrops, treasure hunts, token burns(?)
HellNFT Mint
Ability to mint NFTs on our unique platform
Various Partnerships & Sponsorships
Marketing Campaigns and PR Work
Q1 - 2022
Community Growth and Organization
Focus on expanding the community and organization exponentially
Various Partnerships & Sponsorships
HellCast - Cerberus Token Media Wing
HellReport - Cerberus Token News Aggregator/sponsorships
Decentralized Autonomous Organization
Reorganize our entire structure into a DAO where governance is facilitated by CERB holders on a smart contract
Fast, micro-fee utility token
We imagine Cerberus Token as the deflationary store of value while the secondary token will act as a currency on the Cerberus network
Hell Exchange
A DEX secured by Cerberus but where transactions are carried out using the micro-fee utility token
Sister token on the Ethereum blockchain (?)
An improved or equivalent ERC20 token that will be airdropped to holders of CERB to take advantage of ETH 2.0
*Note: roadmap is subject to change
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For all inquiries: hello@cerberustoken.com